[David López López]
PhD, SNSF PostDoc Researcher, UPC,

Lecturer ETSAB & ETSAV]

David López López gained his Master in Architecture at the School of Architecture of Madrid and his PhD at the ETH Zurich within the Block Research Group. He also holds a Master in Architecture Technology (UPC), and a Master in Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions (UPC and UMinho). He is a lecturer at the schools of Architecture ETSAB and ETSAV and a SNSF (Swiss National Science Foundation) postdoctoral researcher at the UPC. Co-founder of the Map13 Barcelona architecture association.

Expert in design, analysis and structural optimization. His work and research are characterized by an innovative character in the use of the traditional technique of the Catalan vault. Both have been exhibited, published and awarded internationally and presented in different institutions such as, among others, UNAM in Mexico, EPFL in Laussane, ETH Zurich, Universidade do Minho in Guimaraes, MIT in Boston and Geneva invited by UN Habitat as an expert in the field.


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